White Diamond Medical Clinic and Spa, PLLC

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Wellness   Services

Weight Loss Management

  • We offer medically based weight loss programs including the HCG diet.
  • We have partnered with Anka Wellness (www.ankawellness.com), a team of two dynamic Certified Health Coaches who believe in creating simple healthy habits for the whole family from the inside out. They offer nutritional counseling and workshops in addition to a variety of fitness classes.

Alternative Pain Management

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) using your own stem cells are injected into affected joints and unleashes growth factors to initiate and accelerate tissue repair and regeneration.
  • Relish in the healing properties of our  sauna salt room oasis and MassageEnergy Bed that use heat and light therapy to help reduce inflammation and chronic pain.

Stress Management

  • We have partnered with phenomenal massage therapists who specialize in neuromuscular techniques that focus on relaxation and pain relief.
  • The MassageEnergy Bed and MassageEnergy Mat help to detoxify the body and reduce stress.
  • Come take a load off in one of our Yoga or Zumba classes specially designed by our Certified Health Coaches.