Fight Winter Colds and Fatigue With Salt Therapy

With cold and flu season bearing down on us, many people are looking for safe, effective ways to combat fatigue and congestion. Salt therapy has been making headlines in recent years, and this centuries-old technique for fighting winter colds is gaining traction in Charlotte, NC, at White Diamond Medical Clinic and Spa.

A brief history of salt therapy

Polish physician Feliks Boczkowski first noticed the effects of inhaled salt particles on salt miners in 1843. Compared to those who mined other substances, salt miners had fewer respiratory issues, even though these workers were performing similar tasks. Nearly 100 years later, Dr. Karl Hermann Spannagel discovered that patients who escaped World War II bombs by hiding in salt caves had a dramatic improvement in their overall health. Because of Dr. Boczkowski's observations, Dr. Spannagel began prescribing salt therapies to his patients who had respiratory problems.

How salt therapy works

Water and salt have what can only be described as a love-hate relationship. Water is drawn to salt across a semipermeable membrane because water works to balance the salt content on both sides of the membrane wall. This process, called osmosis, is responsible for millions of chemical processes in the body, including the way nutrients are absorbed in the digestive tract. How does this relate to salt therapy?

Scientists believe that inhaled salt particles from salt therapy make their way into the respiratory tract where they draw water into the airway. As a result, mucus secretions are wetter, making them easier to cough up. Salt is also naturally antibacterial, killing off microorganisms at the root of a virus or infection. Salt has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, reducing the swelling in the airway and nasal passages that makes breathing so uncomfortable when you have a cold. With more oxygen flowing into your body, you feel energized and less fatigued. 

Is salt therapy safe?

One of the biggest advantages of salt therapy is that it is safe for everyone, from children to seniors. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine even showed that salt water therapy in particular was a safe and effective treatment for patients with cystic fibrosis. Best of all, salt therapy is non-habit forming and has no adverse side effects.

The White Diamond Medical difference

At White Diamond Medical, we take salt therapy to the next level by combining Himalayan pink salt with a proprietary blend of essential oils in our White Diamond Sinus Therapy Spa Bath. Underwater jets increase circulation and soothe aching muscles while peppermint, wintergreen, tea tree, eucalyptus, and spearmint oils open your sinuses to allow salt particles into your airway. Once you experience our salt therapy baths, you will leave refreshed and less congested. 

Ready to fight your winter cold and fatigue? Call White Diamond Medical Clinic and Spa, or book your appointment online today and begin feeling better with salt therapy.

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