Why Celebrities From Gwyneth Paltrow to Chrissy Teigen Love the Ancient Healing Practice of V Steam

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Let’s face it. If there’s a new or interesting health treatment out there, chances are pretty good that some celebrity is gonna try it out. And if we keep an eye on celebrity news, we just might be able to learn about a new type of treatment that could help us lead healthier lives. Such is the case with vaginal steaming (or V steam). Even though the practice is centuries old, most women hadn’t even heard of it until celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chrissy Teigen decided to give it a try — and then talked online about how much they loved it. That’s good news for us non-famous people, since we get to learn about an innovative treatment from people who’ve actually used it rather than the manufacturers or practices that are providing the treatment.

But even if you’ve followed along with the celebrity reports on V steaming, you still might have questions. Here’s what you need to know about this age-old treatment and whether it might be a good choice for you.

V steam: How does it work

As a woman, vaginal health is central to your overall health. And when you consider what the vagina goes through — menstruation, intercourse, childbirth, and those hormone-related changes that occur all throughout our lives — it kind of makes sense to give it a little extra attention to help it stay healthy. And that’s what vaginal steaming does.

Just like its name implies, V steaming uses gentle steam to cleanse and relax the vagina and the muscles and tissues that surround it. It’s kind of like a “facial” for your vagina. The gentle moist heat of steam works wonders to relax tight or tense muscles, relieving cramps and bloating. Plus, steam helps promote circulation so the tissues in and around your vagina get an extra dose of oxygen and nutrients to help them stay healthy.

Of course, steam is just part of the treatment. At White Diamond Medical Clinic and Spa, Dr. White combines herbs like chamomile, mugwort, and basil to provide extra soothing effects to the treated area, providing a truly custom experience that can be tailored for your needs and goals. Herbs can be used singly or in combination, depending on the results you’re looking for.

By promoting relaxation and increased blood flow in the vaginal area, V steaming is frequently used to:

Because V steam uses no drugs, it’s very safe, and treatment can be repeated as often as you like to give your vagina the boost it needs to stay healthy and comfortable.

Your treatment session

Having your vagina steamed may sound like an awkward experience, but it’s actually very relaxing and pleasurable. Prior to treatment, you’ll need to discuss any health issues, including issues like vaginal infections or sores, with the therapist to make sure your treatment is focused on your needs. During your treatment, you’ll sit or squat over a special container that holds the herb-infused water. The therapist will drape a towel over your legs to hold in the steam and to help you feel more relaxed. Once you’re settled and comfortable, the therapist turns on the steaming device. Then, you can just relax and unwind while the steam does its work.

V steaming feels warm to your skin, and as your blood flow increases in the area, you might feel pulsations or tingling. That’s completely natural. Most treatments take from 20 to 45 minutes.

Learn more about V  steam

V steam isn't just for women of menstruating age. It can be helpful for women in or near menopause too. By promoting increased circulation in the vaginal area, you can help decrease the risk of vaginal dryness and other hormone-related issues that crop up once menstruation ends. Ready to give V steam a try? At White Diamond Medical Clinic & Spa, we'll design a treatment that's just for you so you can enjoy better vaginal health at any age. To get started, book an appointment online today.

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