Lipliner and Lip Tattoo
in Charlotte, NC


What are the benefits of a lip tattoo?


  •  Lip tattooing will visually transform your lip’s appearance. It will give you those seductive, fuller lips you have always admired without having to go for filler injections.  

  • Lip tattooing is much like the traditional tattooing as it involves implanting natural hypoallergenic pigments in the upper layer of your skin, which guarantees long-lasting results. While the lip color might experience some mild fading over time, the results can be sustained and enjoyed for years. If any signs of color fading show up, all you need is to simply go for a touch up to restore the shape, definition, and color of your tattoo.

  •  You no longer have to reapply your lip liner or lipstick a number of times in a day. That has now been changed by cosmetic lip tattoos. With a lip tattoo, your color won’t change or fade when you drink or eat. You will not leave any lipstick marks on cups or when kissing the person you love. You will have beautiful and bright lips at all times. It will also save you from the mess and hassle associated with applying a lipstick.

  • It can be used to redefine an existing outline and shape of the lips after damage by mild burns, sunburns or scarification as a result of certain medical conditions. Victims suffering from oral cancer often experience excessive de-pigmentation as a result of chemotherapy treatment and can benefit from lip tattooing procedures.

How much does the procedure cost?

Lipliner $399

Lip Blushing/Shading $450

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