I first heard about the O-Shot through one of my best friends who had done research on procedures that would help mothers/women who lost the pleasure of sexual penetration or stimulation after child-birth or age. My friend found through her research that the O-Shot is one of the procedure that would help a woman’s body rejuvenate those feelings that they’ve lost either after child-birth or through age.

When my friend told me of a doctor in the area that started offering the O-Shot procedure, I immediately scheduled a consultation!! I was Amazed of how inexpensive the procedure was!

Dr. White was extremely professional with great bedside manners explaining in every detail what she was doing as she moved through the procedure. The whole process was not what I thought it would be or expected. Not only was the procedure fast, but it was painless!! This comes from someone that is terrified of needles BTW!!

After the procedure, I immediately started feeling tingling sensations (good ones) down there and could not wait to try my newly rejuvenated self with my husband. The O-Shot to me is like an Investment to myself. I say investment because I finally did some self care on myself in order to receive pleasure that I had lost for many years.

As a mother I stopped prioritizing what gave me pleasure in order to take care of my children and husband. I thank God for Dr. White being certified and also offering this procedure for us women!

Before receiving the O-Shot, I had never experienced an organism during intercourse and was always envious of women that were blessed to have that ability. After the first two months of my O-Shot, I experienced my first G-Spot organism EVER in my life!!! It felt amazing and I have been having G-Spot organisms ever since! Did I mention that I am a mother of 4 that is over 40 years old?!? Well, I can tell you that my sex life became so steamy that I was the one Harassing my husband instead of the other way around. For once in my life; I finally started enjoying sex!! The O-Shot has not only allowed me to enjoy intimacy again with my husband but it has literally saved my marriage.