Somewhere between one in eight and one in ten people who are assigned female at birth have difficulty achieving orgasm. One in 20 cannot achieve orgasm at all through normal sexual means. The "O-Shot" is a proprietary term for the injection of platelet-rich plasma into the clitoris and/or the G-spot in the interior of the vagina. The plasma is taken from the person in question. Its purpose is to make orgasm easier to reach for the person in question.

The Safety of the Procedure

First, because the PRP is taken from the same person who will undergo the procedure, there is no danger of a rejection of the material or of any possible adverse blood reactions that could occur otherwise. Further, there are no side effects to the procedure other than very slight pain at the injection site, or sites, that will quickly fade. Usually, an injected local anesthetic isn’t necessary, and the doctor administering the O-Shot will merely use a numbing gel on the vulva, clitoris, and vagina.

The Effectiveness of the O-Shot

When it comes to AFAB people who have difficulty having orgasms, the O-Shot is quite effective. Depending on the particular study, researchers have found that sexual pleasure improves for AFAB people between 80% and 95% of the time. And, unlike surgical or most laser-based interventions to improve sexual pleasure, you can resume sexual activity almost immediately. In most cases, you’ll have to repeat the treatment every 18 months or so.

Are Alternative Treatments Better?

If O-Shot doesn’t work for you, there are other alternatives. There might be contraindications based on the person’s case. But are these options better or directly address your concerns? Here’s what we think:

DiVa Laser Therapy

DiVa Laser Therapy addresses similar issues as the O-Shot, including orgasmic improvement, but it has distinct limitations. Unlike the O-Shot, which requires no downtime, DiVa Laser Therapy requires a waiting period of three to seven days before sexual activity can resume, potentially causing inconvenience. Additionally, DiVa demands more frequent treatments for maintenance compared to the longer-lasting effects of the O-Shot. This could translate to greater overall time and financial investment without a proportional increase in benefits.


ThermiVa, using radio frequencies to enhance collagen production, might seem comparable in efficacy to the O-Shot. However, it typically requires a series of three treatments, spread 30 days apart, which may not be ideal for those seeking quicker results. Unlike the single-session O-Shot, the extended treatment schedule of ThermiVa may result in inconvenience and extended periods without sexual activity, plus additional visits for maintenance.


Femilift, much like ThermiVa, stimulates collagen within the vagina but does so through laser therapy. While it addresses vaginal laxity, its focus on deeper vaginal tissues may not directly improve sexual satisfaction to the extent of the O-Shot, which targets areas directly involved in sexual pleasure. Additionally, similar to other laser therapies, Femilift may require multiple sessions and a notable recovery period, unlike the O-Shot’s more direct and less time-consuming approach.

Other Laser Therapies

Other laser therapies, such as MonaLisa Touch and IntimaLase, mainly target vaginal tightness and stress urinary incontinence rather than directly enhancing orgasmic function. While they offer benefits for specific conditions, they may not directly address the sexual satisfaction concerns that the O-Shot does. Furthermore, the improvements in sexual function reported with these treatments are generally incidental and not as consistently high as those achieved with the O-Shot.

All of these treatments have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the O-Shot is the one that is both effective and simple while also being the longest-lasting of all the treatments.

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