What is a micropeel?

During a micropeel, we combine microdermabrasion (physical exfoliation) and a light chemical peel (chemical exfoliation). This effective peel helps clear acne, reduce pore size, and softens the signs of aging. A micropeel in Charlotte is a non-invasive treatment for the face that requires no downtime or recovery time.

A micropeel removes the skin’s uppermost layer without causing pain. It peels away the damaged top layer, revealing fresh, young skin without imperfections. It is mainly done to correct dull skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, remove dead skin, and help improve skin with mild acne.

Is a micropeel right for me?

Micropeel is suitable for anyone looking for a pain-free facial treatment. Healthy adults looking to address minor skin problems such as age spots, fine facial lines, sun damage, and uneven skin texture and color can get a micropeel. Other good candidates for the treatment include those with minor scars and clogged pores.

People with eczema, severe rosacea, and dermatitis may not be recommended for a micropeel. These conditions can be discussed during a consultation.

Your micropeel consultation

Your initial consultation will involve assessment of your suitability for a micropeel. Your skin will be evaluated, and your medical history will be discussed. The treatment process will be explained in detail to ensure that you are prepared for your micropeel. Take this opportunity to ask questions and learn what the treatment can do for you.

The procedure

A micropeel session may last 15 to 20 minutes. The first step is removing dead skin cells using microdermabrasion. The next step is applying a chemical solution to the skin’s surface. This solution soaks into the skin layer.


There might be slight discomfort after a micropeel treatment. The fresh layer of skin revealed by the treatment will be sensitive and will require extra sun protection. Wear sunscreen and apply moisturizing creams to prevent dryness and irritation.

The full effects of a micropeel will become apparent within two weeks after the first session. You will have glowing, fresh, and firm skin. Come in for the recommended number of sessions to see optimal results.

How much does a micropeel cost?

The cost of a micropeel treatment varies based on the exact issues being addressed. The total price also depends on the number of sessions recommended for your skin.

Arrange a Consultation

Your micropeel procedure will be performed by our team at the White Diamond Medical Clinic. Do you want glowing, younger-looking skin? Come in for a micropeel in Charlotte. Contact us today!