What is a lash lift?

A lash lift takes your straight lashes and transforms them into a lasting curl for up to eight weeks! Our Esthetician uses silicone lifting rods to achieve the perfect, safe custom curl for your natural lashes. We’ll help you pick the curl that best compliments your eye shape and other facial features. We then use a gentle adhesive to adhere your lashes to the rod and set the curl in place. It’s like a perm for your lashes. The entire process takes less than an hour!

A world of difference with one simple lash lift

An eyelash lift is a perfect option for anyone interested in beautifully curled lashes without the effort. A lash lift is just the thing you need to give your eyes that extra wow factor! Our guests love getting a lash lift because it makes life easier. With an eyelash lift, you’ll wake up every morning with perfectly curled lashes for up to eight weeks. Easy and beautiful—a lash lift is the pick-me-up you need. lash lifts are commonly paired with eyelash tinting—known as a lift and tint.

Your Lash Lift procedure will be performed by our team at the White Diamond Medical Clinic.